In terms of actual product, Waldman's latest creations include the Zub 20 Zirc watch (left) and the Zub 20 Zot watch (right). Underneath is the Strip belt, made from the same Ellastolan thermoplastic polyurethane material. "The belts are a re-imagining of a very common object, but with a closure that's super easy to use," he says. "They work well with ski pants because you don't have to take your gloves off to tighten them. Another thing that’s not so sexy is that my 92-year-old aunt can use them, but elderly folks aren't going to pay $80 for a belt. They'll be like, 'Why aren't these $18?'"

Nooka's New York Offices

In the mid-’90s, Matthew Waldman had one of those jobs that sitcoms often devote 22 minutes to making fun of. “My background is in corporate identity development,” he recounts over lunch at his studio one day. “I used to do those big fact-finding whiteboard meetings in conference rooms — you’re at a cocktail party, let’s make believe, let’s do some role playing, now tell me what you do. Or, imagine your product, and give me the first three adjectives that come to mind.” He thinks for a minute. “It was actually really successful. I should probably write a book.” Or, we suggest, you should found a watch-design company, wear your influences on your sleeve, and thus remain instantly-recognizable in a saturated market despite expanding into wallets, belts, a fragrance, and a certain forthcoming fashion accessory that’s top secret for now.

Even though Waldman’s known for pioneering his very own way of telling time (bars and dots instead of numbers and hands), thanks to his old gig, what you see very clearly when you flip through a Nooka catalog is a former club kid who’s into new technology and materials, futurism, vinyl toys, and Japanese art; someone who knows his own company’s first three adjectives by heart (“sleek, sexy, optimistic,” he shoots back via email less than a minute after we ask). Which is why we figured it was worth peeking into the company’s New York offices to see how that translates into the objects and ephemera he and his team keep around for inspiration. Here’s a sampling of what we found.