"I saw these popping up in various places in Milan, but these were photographed at Superstudio, on a mirror. The mirror shows the different colours inside and on the exterior, and how wonderfully delicate they are. Made from paper, each of these can be stretched and molded into any form you want."

Donna Wilson’s Milan Diary

On occasion, the editors of Sight Unseen spot a story about creativity told from a viewpoint that’s not unlike our own. But we liked this Facebook photo set — shot last week at the furniture fair in Milan by one of our favorite textile designers — precisely because it couldn’t have come from the point of view of anyone other than Donna Wilson. After setting up her own exhibition with SCP at Spazio Botta, off one of the lovelier courtyards in Porta Romana, Wilson moved throughout Milan, training her camera on random colors and textures and revealing the beauty in everything from a colorfully worn pile of flip-flops to the checkered shirt of a well-known design director. We asked Wilson to comment on her findings and to reveal the connections she’d found with her own work in the slideshow at right. To see Milan through Sight Unseen’s eyes, click here to view our pictures and become a fan of Sight Unseen on Facebook.

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