We’ve featured Spanish designers on Sight Unseen in the past, but for this special feature, we decided to spotlight a series of emerging talents who have all managed to bridge what is perhaps the most harrowing geographic design divide in the Western world — they all have products currently on the American market, including Vicente García Jiménez, whose Les Racines floor lamps for Fambuena are pictured above.

Six Emerging Spanish Designers

In 2009, while still editors at the ill-fated design bible I.D., Jill and I spearheaded a special issue of the magazine whose cover was cloaked in red and branded — courtesy of graphics legend Javier Mariscal — with a hand-drawn, bull-horned chair. Inside, it proposed that something seemed to be stirring in Spain; that after years of outsiders thinking it was a little too commercial on the one hand, and yet a little too romantic on the other, the country’s design vibe suddenly felt just right. Just two and a half years later, it’s safe to say we were onto something. The Spanish scene has cemented its global status with help from companies like RS Barcelona, Marset, and LZF, plus star designers like Jaime Hayon, Martí Guixé, and Patricia Urquiola, and we’ve kept an eye on them and all of their cohorts ever since they appeared in the pages of our alma mater. It’s with a mixture of nostalgia and vindication that we present you with a slideshow surveying six of the most up-and-coming talents whose work has made its way to our shores on Spain’s new wave, along with some of their personal inspirations. Check it out, then visit our friends over at Meuble de España to keep up with everything going on now in Spanish design.