Our New Spring Additions


Today we welcome six new additions to the Sight Unseen online shop, just in time for all those late spring and early summer birthdays (including both of your humble editors — what was it about the early fall that made so many of our parents feel so frisky??). Two of them are exciting updates on existing products, while four of them are by designers who are brand new to us: Seattle up-and-comers Ladies & Gentlemen Studio make housewares inspired by their vintage finds, New Friends are a NYC/Philly weaving duo who also run two of our fave inspiration blogs, WWAKE is RISD sculpture-design grad turned jewelry maker Wing Yau, and Max Lamb, of course, is one of the biggest young stars in the furniture biz. We were especially pleased when he agreed to transform his 2010 Prism series from a purely decorative object into a wearable one — wearable in three different ways, no less —  just for us. Check out the goods here, which start at just $50, then head over to the shop to place your order!

Prism Bangle by Max Lamb, $100 and up (also pictured above)

Bloc Delux Necklace by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, $85

Torus Bangle by New Friends, $50

Shy Dip and Deep Dip Necklaces by WWAKE, $168

Golden Worry Beads by Fredericks & Mae, a special golden thread–wrapped version of the duo’s original design for Sight Unseen, $135 (left); Plate Tectonics Ring, now available in white bronze for half the price, $270 (right)