Paper View Video for the Karlsson’s Unfiltered Project

It’s funny: Though we spend our working lives documenting people’s stories, worming our way into their studios and homes and teasing out their inspirations, we tend to squirm at the thought of others turning their lens on us. And yet every time they have, we’ve always been pleased by the results — the video we’re debuting today being no exception. It was commissioned by Karlsson’s Gold Vodka to go behind the scenes of Paper View, Sight Unseen’s first printed edition and the inaugrual project in the Karlsson’s Unfiltered series (which continues this week with the American Design Club’s Raw + Unfiltered ICFF exhibit). In the video, filmmakers Jonathan Sanden and Rachel Wolff catch us speaking about how the book came to be and take you inside the studios of Paper View subjects Cmmnwlth and Chen Chen + Kai Williams, bringing yet another dimension to both page and screen.

Watch the video below, then buy your copy of Paper View this week, either online or in person. The book will be for sale May 18-21 at the 2012 Noho Design District, both in Chen and Kai’s $99 Store and at our own show, Hotel California, at the Standard, East Village hotel.