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Anve on Inattendu

In her day job, Tine Fleischer is an art director at the Swiss ad agency Die Gestalter, but in her spare time — in addition to creating collateral for the German party institution Relaxed Clubbing — she runs a style blog called Inattendu, which we first stumbled upon when Fleischer waxed poetic about our own webshop. “It might sound a bit weird, but even as a child I often found myself gazing at beautiful things,” Fleischer says. “I remember in winter it always made me sad when other children trampled down the fresh fallen snow in our garden, and so I forced them only to walk on a small path that I’d specially groomed for them. Whenever I discover something beautiful, it’s a moment of bliss; this is why I wanted to start my blog.”

Like any good Tumblr, Inattendu chronicles Fleischer’s obsessions in fashion, interiors, graphics, and design, and in doing so it reveals the beautifully rigorous framework through which Fleischer sees the world — all blacks, whites, neutrals, metallics, and only occasional pops of neon and pastel. When we asked which of her recent subjects she might like to feature more in-depth for this column, she immediately leapt to Kerstin Greve from the Portuguese accessories label ANVE, whose sophisticated but rather minimal aesthetic isn’t far from Fleischer’s own. This week on Inattendu, Fleischer introduced ANVE’s new leather Envelope business card holders: incredibly supple leather accessories meant to mimic the paper goods Greve obsesses over. We asked her to speak with Greve about her inspirations.

You actually grew up in Basel, Switzerland. Why did you choose to move to Portugal?
Greve: My husband and I always talked about where we would like to live, independent of our jobs, and to me the answer was clear: When I first visited Lisbon in the middle of the ‘90s, I immediately fell in love with the magic light and the visual aesthetic of the city. And now twelve years later I’m here because of my love. Three years ago out of the blue my husband was offered a job in Lisbon and now here we are.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
Greve: I actually never wear jewelry, but I’ve always dreamed of owning a beautiful piece that’s so important to me that I can’t even take it off at night. From time to time, I’ll try out making jewelry with new materials. I’ll wear the self-made bracelet for one or two days, but after that it always ends up on my desk and stays there as a beautiful object.

How do you begin to work on a collection?
Greve: Lisbon is full of old little stores still holding stock from ages ago, and they are a huge source of inspiration. The idea for the ENVELOPE collection came in a stationary shop where I bought an old dried-out ink pad I actually never could use. After seeing something that stays in your mind, the process of trying out and crafting begins.