New Pics and Lower Prices on Fort Standard’s Wares

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve quietly been making some changes around here, like un-sticking the left column of our homepage so it’s scrollable, letting you sort that column by story tags or what’s popular, enlarging our slideshow images, and letting you use arrows instead of numbers to navigate them. As of this weekend, we’ve also made a small but notable update to our shop: Replacing our own photos of Fort Standard’s stone trivets and candleholders with the gorgeous, professionally shot images you see here (Pinterest lovers, this is your cue!), and dropping the price on those candlesticks from $85 each to a mere $70. Which is quite a bargain, we think, when you consider that each one is handmade with a luxe leather backing that’s stamped “Fort Standard,” so when you pass them down to your grandkids someday, they’ll know you were once a discerning connoisseur of New York’s avant-garde design scene. Head over to our shop to purchase these items and many more, and especially when it comes to the stone trivets, make sure you don’t delay — we only have ONE of each style in stock, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!