What They Bought
We’re Revolting at Creatures of Comfort LA

Photography by Brook&Lyn

Is it every blogger’s secret wish to get into retail? This year alone, we’ve seen Sight Unseen’s own Shape Shop, Rhiannon Gilmore‘s Dream Shop at the Walker, and as of this Saturday, Su Wu of I’m Revolting‘s pop-up at Creatures of Comfort LA, entitled We’re Revolting. Perhaps it’s inevitable that we would all want to touch and feel and hold the objects we covet from afar, and to make tangible the narrative we create every day. But maybe it’s just as simple as this: “It’s kind of lonely being a blogger,” Wu says. “And this was a reason to get to know people. It’s kind of a scary thing: You think, ok, I admire their work, but will I actually get along with them? But in fact, I’m still kind of basking in it.”

Among the people Wu worked with who she had never met before: Jade Lai of Creatures of Comfort, a longtime fan of I’m Revolting who approached Wu after the success of our own New York pop-up. “It was basically a gift that fell out of the sky,” says Wu of the opportunity. They flirted with the idea of creating a concept for the shop, but ultimately Wu created her own internal framework: “I didn’t want it to be all textiles, or all metal, or all ceramics. I wanted to choose people who might not be familiar to the Creatures audience. And I wanted it to be things that lived right at the edge of use and art.” So while much of the work could be considered decorative, most of it serves a function as well. That includes David Neale’s painstakingly hand-cut aluminum combs, Doug Johnston’s sculptural coiled-rope hanging lamps, Ilana Kohn’s marbled scarves, and fiber art explorations by Mimi Jung, who’s better known as the jewelry designer behind Brook&Lyn (and who took the lovely photographs we’re previewing in our slideshow at right.) The result is a tightly curated collection of little gems, all of which will be gone before you know it.

We’re Revolting at Creatures of Comfort. Now through November 10. 



For the show flyer, sisters Nancy and Kimberly Wu of Building Block designed a waterproof sticker sheet depicting one item from each of the 14 designers in the shop.


For her displays, Wu built a set of OSB tables topped with 20-gauge galvanized sheet metal. "Honestly, I built the display tables because I wanted to stage it in my apartment beforehand!" Wu admits. "I was obsessively arranging everything until the last minute." Shown here are ceramic hair ties and bangles by Julie Hung and what Wu calls "little oddball pieces by Kirsten Perry — some with clay eyes — which open like lockets."


A coiled rope piece by Doug Johnston; an uncut resin geode by LA-based artist Elyse Graham that is cut open upon purchase — and that apparently makes a bit of a noise when opened — and rugs by Joanna Williams of Kneeland Co, hand-woven in special colors especially for this pop-up.


Hanging lights by Doug Johnston.


Hanging eyeball pompoms by Mimi Jung of Brook&Lyn.


"Woven wallhangings on copper rods by Mimi Jung, a jewelry designer with Brook&Lyn who recently discovered her love of (and talent for) fiber art. This is the first place she's ever shown the works publicly."


Woven screen of unraveled rope by Mimi Jung on mahogany and maple wood frame from by Brian Hurewitz.


"David Neale is a metalsmith who typically makes jewelry but had been thinking about making combs. Every tooth is hand cut in aluminum— it's an amazing object."


Brass mirror by Japanese designer Morie Nishimura.


"A display of objects, including salt- and soda-fired planters by Jonathan Cross, that seem geological and prehistoric. They're also incredibly heavy and were packaged beautifully for shipping. You can tell a lot about someone from how they ship their pieces, and Jonathan's packaging was exquisite." In the foreground are freeform tapestries by designer Haruhi Okubo.


"Broken board side tables by Jack Craig. He breaks wood and then fills in with resin, which is clear or opaque depending on how much moisture there is in the wood."


A view of the whole set-up, including concrete pillars that frame the display, which were an incredible thrift-store find by Wu herself. We're Revolting is on view until November 10 at Creatures of Comfort LA, 7971 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California.