Holiday Update: Four New Necklaces!

It’s holiday season again! Isn’t that crazy? We feel like it was just yesterday that we were at the beach, burying our toes in the sand. Granted, we’ll be at the beach again next week, when Sight Unseen takes Design Miami, but that doesn’t change how nuts it is that 2013 is already upon us. We didn’t want to leave all you gift-givers hanging, so we commissioned four new necklaces for the Sight Unseen Shop that we think you’ll definitely want stuffed in your stocking: two by designers we’ve worked with before (Tanya Aguiñiga and Iacoli & McAllister) and two by exciting new talents (Sonya Gallardo of HighLow Jewelry and Julianne Ahn of Object & Totem). May your New Year’s resolution be to collect them all. (PS: Stay tuned for even more shop updates throughout December!)
Necklace No. Ultra Neutral by Iacoli & McAllister, $2604-Bead Hancock Necklace by Object & Totem, $158Untitled (Ardor) Necklaces by HighLow Jewelry, $144 –$202
Grey Unraveled Necklace by Tanya Aguiñiga, $150