Excerpt: Exhibition
Das Wilde Denken: Depot Basel in Berlin

There’s an easy way to tell whether or not you were born to be a maker: sit down at a table piled with random junk and scraps of material, and see how long it takes you to conjure something useful and/or beautiful. For the Das Wilde Denken workshop last month, Matylda Krzykowski and the team behind Depot Basel joined forces with my favorite design/fashion boutique in Berlin, Baerck, and invited a handful of local designers to spend two days doing just that. The results, of course, were amazing — where an observer like myself couldn’t really make the mental leap past a jumble of discarded trolley wheels and wooden boards, this group envisioned lamps, sculptural table mirrors, jewelry trays, and stationery sets. The curators saw it as a chance for the designers to get back to basics and enjoy the simplicity of an open-ended crafting session, but they also likened the experience to reconnecting with childhood, when making wasn’t goal-oriented but immediate and spontaneous — hence the name Das Wilde Denken, which means “wild thinking.” (Momentary flashback to Malin Gabriela Nordin’s children’s workshop, which we featured last month.) All of the pieces created during the session, a selection of which are featured in the slideshow at right,  will be on view and for sale at Baerck through February 2.


For Das Wilde Denken — "wild thinking" — eight designers were asked to create objects for the table using leftover scraps from both Depot Basel and the Berlin shop Baerck, where the workshop took place. The fare included wood and metal rings, mirrors, bits of acrylic, and the odd aluminum wheel, among others.


The rest of the process was basically a free-for-all crafting session, with participants seated around a work table cobbling those scraps into items both useable and totally abstract.

Benten Clay_Fever Ray_Object

Benten Clay, "Fever Ray," object.

Benten Clay_Panorama Bar_Ashtray

Benten Clay, "Panorama Bar," ashtray.

Benten Clay & Bureau AEIOU_Es ist noch Suppe da Object

Benten Clay and Buro AEIOU, "Es ist Noch Suppe doch," object.

Benten Clay_Bank_towel rail

Benten Clay, "Bank," napkin holder.

Laura Pregger_Radio_object

Laura Pregger, "Radio," object.

Laura Pregger_Vier Gewinnt_object

Laura Pregger, "Vier Gewinnt," object.

llot llov_Auster_table mirror

Llot Llov, "Auster," table mirror.

llot llov_One way_table mirror

Llot Llov, "One Way," table mirror.

llot llov_HELLO_Object for notes

Llot Llov, "Hello," object for notes.

Annika Frye_Roto_lamp

Annika Frye, "Roto," lamp.

Annika Frye_PI_Object and candle holder

Annika Frye, "Pl," object and candle holder.

Matylda Krzykowski_Ass em blage-I_tray

Matylda Krzykowski, "Ass em blage I," tray.

Matylda Krzykowski_Büro_stationary

Matylda Krzykowski, "Ass em blage," stationery.

Matylda Krzykowski_Mikroarchitektur-Set of 3

Matylda Krzykowski, "Mikroarchitektur," object.

Michael Schoner_PVC Reh_table

Michael Schoner, "PVC Reh," table.

Michael Schoner_Quetsch & Tube_vases

Michael Schoner, "Quetsch & Tube," vases and carafes.

Tanja Pabelick_Gorlebener Porzellan_bowls

Tanja Pabelick, "Gorlebener Porzellan," bowls.

Tanja Pabelick_Streuner_sugar sprinkler

Tanja Pabelick, "Streuner," sugar dispenser.