Sight Unseen is now on Vine! (And Instagram)

Even though Sight Unseen made its debut on Kickstarter way back in 2009, we’ve never been what you’d call early adopters. (StumbleUpon? We just don’t get it.) So while we’ve been Instagramming on personal accounts for months, we only got around to establishing an official Sight Unseen account this week. (We’re _sightunseen_. Follow along!). The reason we finally joined the ranks: to document our 3-day trip to Philadelphia, where we’ve been meeting amazing designers and makers and gathering fodder for Philly Week, coming soon to Sight Unseen courtesy of the Visit Philly tourism board. While in Philly, we’ve also been embracing the tech and testing out our new favorite app, Vine. What we’ve discovered is that it’s essentially Instagram on speed, 6-second videos that turn even the most ordinary subjects into stop-motion masterpieces. We’ve been filming everyone we’ve visited — Jessica Hans, Joel EveyJulianne Ahn, Luren Jenison & Kevin McGuinness, Alex Segreti, Ben Fiess, and Alex Da Corte — and  we’re sharing the results with you today as a preview of what’s to come. Stay tuned!