Noho Design District
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MC_ChenKai During this year’s 2013 Noho Design District, Sight Unseen is hosting a day of designer master classes on May 17 at New York’s Bowery Hotel. In each workshop, participants will learn a fun process or technique from one of our favorite up-and-coming New York designers — Fredericks & Mae, Noah Spencer of Fort Makers, or Chen Chen and Kai Williams (above) — then enjoy a period of guided experimentation before walking away with their own handmade objects. Classes are 75-90 minutes long, cost $50 per person, and each is limited to 20 participants, so read the class descriptions below, and then click here to sign up now!MC_ChenKai2
Casting with Chen and Kai
Chen Chen and Kai Williams will introduce the class to casting with a very basic exercise: casting cement in vacuum-formed plastic packaging, something we encounter daily but mostly ignore, despite its interesting forms. Next the designers will demonstrate how to make an alginate mold, which is flexible and allows for the casting of complex shapes. There will be an array of organic objects (ie, fruits and vegetables) that participants can cast into their own bowls, incense burners, or succulent planters.
2013-04-30 03.50.03Fishing Floats with Fredericks & Mae
Dawn rises in the east, and fisher(wo)men are already waist-deep.  They send out a flotilla of modernist sculptures to dance a deadly tango with bunker, bass, and scrod. These floating sculptures — called fishing floats or bobbers — are used in fishing to suspend bait and seduce fish. Please join Fredericks & Mae in a hands-on workshop to make these floats for your home or your tackle box.  Following a brief tutorial on the form of floats, participants will be given access to smorgasbord of relevant materials and let loose to create as many floats as they wish. Get your hands fishy with cork balls, porcupine quills, paper flags, paint, balsa wood, mini lathes, bamboo, and quail eggs!  Every student will leave with a number of floats and a display stand.MC_FortMakers_fin2

Mobiles with Fort Makers
Led by Fort Makers artist Noah Spencer, this class will begin with a quick talk introducing Noah’s experience making mobiles, including an overview of other artists’ mobiles that he finds inspiring (Noguchi, Arp, Calder). Noah will then help participants make their own colorful mobiles out of Sculpey polymer clay, string, and scrap pieces of wood.

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