New Tendency’s Precision-Crafted Instant Classics

New Tendency (formerly known as My Bauhaus is Better Than Yours) recently opened a webshop chock full of their works ranging from tables to lighting to linen shirts. (It’s a lifestyle.) “Grounded as an interdisciplinary design studio, we apply a philosophy of integrated design process to all our work, with a commitment to conceptual and considered design outcomes.” The look is precision-crafted instant classics in the form of thin metal shelves, lamps and tables. The studio and shop are based in Berlin.

2013-06-05-Meta-for-Lala-Berlin NEW-TENDENCY-META-side-table-productpage-featuredslider-03_1024x1024 NEW-TENDENCY-Catalog-2013-20143 NEW-TENDENCY-CLICK-copper-featuredSlider_1024x1024 NEW-TENDENCY-CLICK-shelf-white-featuredSlider_1024x1024 Playtype-introduces-NEW-TENDENCY-02 NEW-TENDENCY-Catalog-2013-201415 NEW-TENDENCY-SHIFT-Shelf-Regal-System-oak-eiche-05-featuredSlider_1024x1024 NEW-TENDENCY-SID-CHAD-vases-featuredSlider_1024x1024