Intertidal Deployment Objects

On a visit a few weeks ago to Design Week Portland, we spied these cute Intertidal Deployment Objects by Trygve Faste and Jessica Swanson, a married couple who are also both instructors in the University of Oregon’s Product Design program. Faste teaches design drawing and makes vibrant 3D paintings, while Swanson specializes in ceramics and sculpture, and for this work, the two combined their skills to create a series of ceramic pots and sculptures influenced by buoys. The Intertidal Deployment Objects arose out of our interest in working with ceramic forms that would interact with and relate to the marine environment,” says Faste. “We developed our forms to reference maritime objects like navigation buoys, floats, knots, jugs, bottles and industrial nautical equipment. The final forms, colors and handles all relate back to the abstracted visual vocabulary that we derived from our research. There are three different forms that work as both tops and bottoms, three caps, and four different handles. All of these elements can be interchanged, arranged, and lashed together to create a wide family of unique sculptural objects which reference the ocean. Marine life like barnacles and mussels are currently growing on some of these sculptures, as an experiment into how ceramic sculptures can collaborate with a specific ecosystem.”Intertidal Deployment Object 0001 view 2 Intertidal Deployment Object 0004 Intertidal Deployment Object 0002 IMG_2522 Intertidal Deployment Objects Group 1 IMG_2589
Rita Clare is a designer, thrift addict, and all around doer of many things based in Oregon.