Elizabeth Atterbury, Artist

While the Maine-based artist Elizabeth Atterbury has done amazing things with just simple shapes cut into paper and steel, lately she’s been getting a wee bit more ambitious — building a 3-by-4-foot sandbox in her studio and photographing compositions she’s raked into it, or using a bandsaw to carve grill bricks into arcs and zigzags then documenting the crumbly results. Aside from photography — which she studied in school — she also exhibits sculptures in clay and painted wood. You can see them in person now through May 10 at Colby College Art Museum in Waterville, Maine, or pick up a copy of Atterbury’s 2013 book with Bodega gallery, “In the Middle, an Oasis.”

Atterbury 006 Atterbury_BrownFrownClown Atterbury_RedSkyAtMorning Atterbury 003 Atterbury 001 Atterbury 002 Atterbury_KijidomeInstallShot Atterbury_BigBlack Atterbury_Relief_BrownEyes Atterbury_Relief_NaturalGray_02 Atterbury_Relief_RomanPlaster Atterbury_ReliefSculptorsClay Atterbury 012 Atterbury_11x14_04 Atterbury_11x14_05 Atterbury_11x14_07 Atterbury_11x14_08 Atterbury_11x14_09 Atterbury 013 Atterbury 019 Atterbury_11x14_02 Atterbury_11x14_01