Introducing Your Newest New York Design Week Destination

Here at Sight Unseen HQ, we've been keeping some pretty major news under wraps for a few months now, but it's time to finally let the cat out of the bag. If you've been reading our site, you know that we founded and ran the Noho Design District, a satellite show during ICFF, for four years. This year we made the tough decision to retire the NDD and launch in its place a new event that shares our namesake: Introducing Sight Unseen OFFSITE, a brand new design fair happening in New York from May 16-20, 2014, that will feature a curated selection of furniture and product launches by the best independent designers and forward-thinking brands, all under one gigantic roof.
GLOW vid still - Harry Allen - Bank in the Form of a Pig GLOW

Areaware’s 2012 collection

This morning we introduced you to one of the key exhibitions from our Noho Design District hub at The Standard, East Village hotel. But before we take off for the weekend, we wanted to direct your attention three blocks south to our other hub at 22 Bond Street, where for the next four days you can view an immersive, conceptual installation by Areaware featuring the launch of Harry Allen's Bank in the Form of a Pig GLOW and the debut of yet another amazing video from filmmaking duo Grave of Seagulls. If you're in New York this weekend, we highly recommend you go and experience the disorienting video for yourself, but if you're not, don't fret - we snagged the online debut of the film below and spoke to Areaware creative director Laura Young about how it came to be.

The Balloon Factory at Japan Premium Beef

As traditions go, you can't get much better than the one that will commence this Friday in the window of the tiny Great Jones butcher shop Japan Premium Beef: An annual display of custom meat-themed installations, rendered in various incongruous materials. It started during the 2010 Noho Design District, with the delicate glass sausages that won Fabrica's Sam Baron a similar commission for T magazine earlier this year. And it will continue for 2012 with a series of inflatable meat balloons — whose prototypes are pictured above — that are being specially created for us by the Chicago designers behind the Balloon Factory project. We asked Caroline Linder, Lisa Smith, Michael Savona, and Steven Haulenbeek for the skinny on their savory new creation, which we invite you to visit this weekend at the Noho Design District.