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  1. 09.11.14
    Our Fall Collection is Here — 14 New Designs!

    Today is an exciting day at Sight Unseen, because for months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to put together our biggest, most exclusive collection of new releases ever, and now we can finally unveil the results! From marbled cups by Workaday Handmade to ceramic mobiles by Recreation Center to copper and brass necklaces by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, we’ve assembled a killer group of handmade housewares and jewelry by our favorite rising design talents, and you can shop them all right now in the Sight Unseen Shop — you won’t find them anywhere else!

  2. 07.17.14
    New For Summer: Grids and Geometrics!

    Okay, so we’ve always had a thing for grids and geometrics in the Sight Unseen Shop, it’s true. But when we thought about which new pieces to release in advance of a *huge* shop update we’re currently prepping for the fall — one that will be full of painterly ceramics, color-washed concrete, and cool, polished metals — the playfully patterned items you see here just seemed especially right for summer. They’re by three designers working in three very different materials — Dana Haim in ceramics, Assembly in PVC, and RillRill in marble — and they all share the most Sight Unseen-y characteristic of all: being handmade in small batches by folks whose creativity knows no bounds. What better excuse for a summer splurge?

  3. 12.16.13
    Now In Stock: The Shadow Vase by Jessica Hans

    You’ve made your list, you’ve checked it twice — but if you’re anything like us, there are still a few gifts that have you stumped. Luckily, we’re launching one last piece in the Sight Unseen Shop before the holidays, and it might just be perfect for that certain someone. It’s our first piece ever from Philly favorite Jessica Hans, and it’s a beauty — the black-and-white, Keith Haring-inspired, made-by-hand Shadow Vase ($120), whose textural surface marks come from a mix of matte black glaze and unglazed porcelain peeking through.

  4. 11.12.13
    Four New Items for the Holidays!

    If homemade gifts are supposedly the best kind, we happen to think that beautiful objects hand-crafted in small batches by artists and designers are easily the next best thing, especially if you have less than full confidence in your crafting skills (or lack thereof). Of course, you could also simply go out and buy your girlfriend that Vitamix she’s been obsessing over, but where’s the fun in that if she could just as easily go out and buy it herself? A gift from the Sight Unseen Shop strikes the perfect balance, proving you’re thoughtful and resourceful, and that you understand what makes the person you’re giving it to so unique. Not that we wouldn’t also mind a Vitamix for the holidays — ahem — but you know what we’re getting at here! Check out the latest additions to our shop after the jump, which make for great gifts in any price range.

  5. 10.07.13
    Seven New Items for Fall!

    When we launched the Sight Unseen shop just under two years ago, we decided to focus exclusively on jewelry and wearables, which are relatively easy for designers to fabricate — and experiment on — and easier still for us to ship. If we’ve strayed from that formula, introducing our first handful of small housewares last summer and going full-tilt this week with our heaviest item yet, a pair of marble and steel bookends that should have the USPS grinning, well, can you blame us? We couldn’t pass up the chance to offer our readers a first exclusive on the bookends, handcrafted by Philly designer Brendan Timmins and not yet sold anywhere else, or Eric Trine’s steel pyramid shown above, however impractical. They’re joined by a brand new series of painted Baggu pouches, climbing rope necklaces by two Icelandic sisters, a brass bottle opener masquerading as an objet d’art, new geometric wind chimes by Ladies & Gentlemen studio, and last but not least, the return of the official Sight Unseen t-shirt. Check them all out after the jump.

  6. 09.23.13
    We’re Popping Up in New York!

    We’ve been going gangbusters in our online shop this year — and we have a ton of new things in the pipeline for fall! — but sometimes we miss, you know, actually meeting our customers. So from September 26–28, the Sight Unseen Shop will be hosting BACK 2 COOL, a three-day pop-up event in the heart of downtown New York with some of our favorite up-and-coming designers. At the Lindsey Adelman showroom in Noho, we’ll be showcasing and selling our own signature jewelry and housewares alongside the work of four other creative entrepreneurs. On sale will be editioned objects by contemporary artists from Zoe Fisher’s new Handjob Gallery//Store, ceramics and necklaces from Brooklyn designer Helen Levi, prototypes and planters from Chen Chen & Kai Williams, and fine jewelry from Lindsey Adelman Studio. The Sight Unseen Shop will also be debuting its brand new wares for fall and holiday including coasters by Kiel Mead, wind chimes by Ladies & Gentlemen studio, ceramic lamps by B. Zippy, cosmic pyramids by Eric Trine, brass bottle openers by Light & Ladder, jewelry by Shikama and Twin Within, men’s accessories by Ilana Kohn, and marbled bookends by Brendan Timmins. Also available at the sale will be past season samples, current stock, and exclusive Sight Unseen T-shirts! Please stop by and say hello!

  7. 06.10.13
    Summer Sale in the Sight Unseen Shop!

    When the weather gets hot and sweaty in the city, we definitely have a go-to uniform: a super-simple tank top or airy sundress, the less fussy the better, paired with a favorite piece of statement jewelry. So summer chic. We figured we’d celebrate the season with a special sale designed to help you stay cool no matter what the forecast — for the next two weeks, seven popular items in our online shop are priced at 25% off, from $38 for a splatter-paint bangle to $210 for an ombre leather cuff that’s made entirely by hand in London. Check out the sale items below, then head over to the shop to take advantage of the discount by June 24!

  8. 05.08.13
    Our New Spring Housewares Are Here!

    Minimalists may disagree, but we think the best part about spring cleaning is clearing out space in your home for newer, better things! Hot on the heels of our jewelry update last week, we’ve stocked the Sight Unseen shop with five new housewares that will beautify your everyday life this season, from Hilda Hellström’s Jesmonite coasters (above), which are perfect for holding summer drinks, to a wind chime tailor-made for catching warm breezes. Check out the goods below (shot, once again, by the talented Paul Barbera), then head over to the shop and treat yourself!

  9. 05.02.13
    New For Spring in the Sight Unseen Shop!

    Geometry, shapes, ceramics, iridescence — these are a few of our favorite things, so it’s no wonder they’re all over our spring shop update! We’ve been stockpiling the amazingness for weeks, including our first men’s ring (and first piece by Jonathan Nesci) and our lowest-priced item ever: mix-and-match ceramic stud earrings by Jujumade that are a steal at only $18 each. The rest of the names you’ll recognize, like Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, WWAKE, Object & Totem, Katy Krantz, Gemma Holt, and Iacoli & McAllister, the latter of whom have reprised their Sight Unseen–exclusive Necklace No. Ultra for a third time in hammertone, a crackled enamel finish that will play a starring role in their new furniture launch this month. Check out all the new jewelry offerings after the jump, then stay tuned for a second round of exciting spring additions next week — housewares!

  10. 11.27.12
    Holiday Update: Four New Necklaces!

    It’s holiday season again! Isn’t that crazy? We feel like it was just yesterday that we were at the beach, burying our toes in the sand. Granted, we’ll be at the beach again next week, when Sight Unseen takes Design Miami, but that doesn’t change how nuts it is that 2013 is already upon us. We didn’t want to leave all you gift-givers hanging, so we commissioned four new necklaces for the Sight Unseen Shop that we think you’ll definitely want stuffed in your stocking: two by designers we’ve worked with before (Tanya Aguiñiga and Iacoli & McAllister) and two by exciting new talents (LA’s Sonya Gallardo and Julianne Ahn of Object & Totem). May your New Year’s resolution be to collect them all.

  11. 06.13.12
    New for summer: Housewares!

    Our Shape Shop pop-up at Creatures of Comfort last month was a success by any measure, but even before it ended, we were hearing from non-New Yorkers, wondering when and how they could get their hands on the merch. We’d long wished our shop could branch into housewares anyway, so it seemed the perfect time to test the waters: This week, we’re introducing some of our best-sellers from the Shape Shop online for a limited time, as well as an update to one of our previous jewelry offerings. What does this mean for you? A veritable bounty of exclusive items by some of your favorite designers: Gorgeous stoneware kitchen accessories by Fort Standard, pillows made from the discontinued textiles of Caitlin Mociun’s clothing line, scrap lamps by Jonah Takagi, geometric bottle openers by Bec Brittain, painted leather pouches by Baggu, and more — all for $200 or less. Check out the goods here, then head over to the shop to place your order!

  12. 04.19.12
    Our New Spring Additions

    Today we welcome six new additions to the Sight Unseen online shop, just in time for all those late spring and early summer birthdays (including both of your humble editors — what was it about the early fall that made so many of our parents feel so frisky??). Two of them are exciting updates on existing products, while four of them are by designers who are brand new to us: Seattle up-and-comers Ladies & Gentlemen Studio make housewares inspired by their vintage finds, New Friends are a NYC/Philly weaving duo who also run two of our fave inspiration blogs, WWAKE is RISD sculpture-design grad turned jewelry maker Wing Yau, and Max Lamb, of course, is one of the biggest young stars in the furniture biz. We were especially pleased when he agreed to transform his 2010 Prism series from a purely decorative object into a wearable one — wearable in three different ways, no less — just for us. Check out the goods here, which start at just $50, then head over to the shop to place your order!

  13. 01.12.12
    New Necklaces by ROLU and Tanya Aguiñiga

    Yesterday we introduced you to the up-and-coming Minneapolis-based design studio ROLU, whose plywood and OSB chairs inspired by conceptual art and modernist sculpture have garnered them the design-world equivalent of a cult following as of late. Today, we’re excited to announce that the multi-talented trio have designed their very first jewelry project, exclusively for the Sight Unseen shop. Called Shapes After Guy (and Lost At Sea), the felt-backed plywood necklaces — which can be worn individually or in a group — make for some serious statement pieces, and yet they’re only $100 each. We’ve also got a brand new handmade dyed-rope necklace design by the rising California talent Tanya Aguiñiga, which is even chunkier than our other Tanya creations and yet rings in at just $125.

  14. 11.10.11
    Sight Unseen Goes Retail

    When we started this website two years ago today, we had no idea we’d end up here — debuting a webshop stocked with jewelry and other wearable objects, often designed exclusively for us and frequently one of a kind, all created by some of the most exciting designers and artists we’ve had the pleasure of working with. And yet we couldn’t be more proud of this development. Today we launch the Sight Unseen Shop, an online retail space that’s been months in the making as we worked tirelessly behind the scenes, hashing out the contributors, figuring what amazing wares they’d sell with us, and how it might best be presented online (thanks Studio Lin!). Inspired by the success of our pop-up during this year’s Noho Design District, we set about assembling a group of designers who were using — or interested in using — jewelry as a way to experiment with techniques and materials, and who didn’t necessarily have a platform by which to sell those experiments. While we may be biased, the results, we think, are stunning.