Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

–Nyth Bowl

The Nyth Bowl by Seattle duo Ladies & Gentlemen looks like a Pollock but is built like a bird’s nest: Layers of color-stained clay are splattered on top of each other by hand to create a randomly patterned structural vessel. Needless to say, every Nyth is unique — yet all of them are finished with a clear glaze inside and feature the same mint/peach/black/beige colorway pictured here. While the 10-inch version is an existing design, the 6-inch mini-Nyth is made exclusively for Sight Unseen. Both bowls are both food- and dishwasher-safe.

Materials: Ceramic
Measurements: 6″ diameter by 2″ tall; 10″ diameter by 3″ tall
Status: Made to order, allow 7-10 days for delivery 

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