Sight Unseen

–Paper View

From day one, we envisioned Sight Unseen as an online magazine, free of length restrictions and deadlines. And yet we’re lovers of the printed page, so with the help of the Karlsson’s Vodka Unfiltered project and the design chops of Studio Lin, we’ve created a printed edition called Paper View. Inside, you’ll find 21 new and 4 archival features on Peter Shire, Anntian, Keegan McHargue, Shabd, Shin Okuda, Wary Meyers, Andy Rementer, Raven & Boar, Cmmnwlth, Sanntu Mustonen, Leutton Postle, Chen Chen and Kai Williams, New Friends, Jade Lai, Nacho Alegre, Patrick Parrish, Brian Janusiak and Elizabeth Beer, Felix Burrichter, Roanne Adams, Roman and Williams, Max Lamb, Raw Color, Despina Curtis, and Sebastian Wrong. Plus, an essay about what two years of interviews have taught us about what it’s like to be a maker. We’re only printing 400 copies for now — get yours while they last.
Softcover, 88 pp., 56 full-color