As a print textile designer in the fashion industry, Annie Papadimitriou loves to work with existing patterns and shapes but then alter them beyond recognition. The final pattern for Circles was generated by experimenting in Photoshop with filters, layering techniques, and extreme scales. “In general my work is very colorful and busy,” she says. “For this project I wanted to do something different.”

39.22.’s Wallpaper Designers

Long ago, wallpaper was reserved for royalty — a handcrafted thing made with high artistry and hung with equally high aspirations. But since then, with a few very recent notable exceptions, it’s become the ambitionless cop-out of modern-day interior design, a failure blamed on wimpy printing techniques but which probably has to do more with a lack of imagination. Among those getting it right is the Athens-based design collective 39.22., which draws both its name and its stable of talent from its own geographical coordinates.

Headed by Vassilios Bartzokas — the managing director of one of Greece’s leading materials, lighting, and furniture distributors — along with creative directors Melissa Lascaratou and Constantinos Hoursoglou, 39.22. debuted an eccentric collection of wallpapers at last year’s Milan furniture fair whose designs pushed far beyond the typical greige florals. To ensure as much, they began the project by cherry-picking a handful of local, multidisciplinary designers who were new to wallpaper entirely: Annie Papadimitriou typically makes fashion textiles, Anna Psaroudaki works with photography and animation, while Martin Ericsson is a graphic designer.

Then there were the graffiti artists, including local talents Littll, b, and Dreyk, who created some of the line’s most unusual patterns and colorways. Their perspectives are striking: The wallpapers, which can be printed to order, look like graphic design and illustration boldly scaled to the size of a room, where conventional designs try to hide walls or pretend they’re somewhere else entirely — a 17th-century palace, say. Launching later this year, 39.22.’s second collection won’t feature wallpaper at all, so we decided to turn our attention to these designs before the team turns its gaze elsewhere. Here are eight samples from the collection, along with their graphical inspirations.