The Sight Unseen Book

The launch of the first-ever Sight Unseen book — debuting in April as part of the Karlsson’s Vodka Unfiltered project — is just around the corner. Over the next two weeks, we’re posting sneak peek images and asking our readers to guess who the subject of each photograph might be. Here’s a quote from today’s featured designers, who manufacture their latest product line at the upstate New York woodworking shop shown here: “We have a facility with complex forms, but that’s not appreciated sometimes. For this project, it was almost like let’s work with the dumbest inspiration possible.” Hint: The big machine above is a 10-spindle, 4-axis CNC machine, of which there are only four in America. 

Head over to our Facebook page to log your guesses! Anyone who posts the correct answer (even if someone’s already posted it) is automatically entered to win a free copy of the book.