Building Block + Waka Waka at Iko Iko

A star power trio of Sight Unseen favorites come together: Iko Iko presents the collaboration of handbag designers Building Block and furniture makers Waka Waka, who have united to produce a limited edition of custom-order bags and more. Together they explore “how time and use can bring a new personality to the things we wear.” Explains Shin Okuda of Waka Waka: “We decided Waka Waka would create some kind of handle element. We considered the different ways a bag could open, what kind of handle shapes would determine the actual bag shape, and what Waka Waka vocabulary (zig-zag, squiggle, dot/circle, scallop, etc) would pair best with Building Block’s vocabulary. Kim and Nancy also wanted the leather part to have an element of time and wear, so they started experiment with sun-tanning the leather and molding some shapes as well. You would have this bag that starts as one thing and evolves to another.”

Opening this Saturday March 2, 6-9PM at Iko Iko, 931 N. Fairfax Ave. West Hollywood, CA. Follow these links to read previously published Sight Unseen stories featuring Iko Iko, Waka Waka and Building Block.

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