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Pia Howell, Artist

Pia Howell expresses emotions. Her spirited shapes, abstract but recognizable, may sometimes symbolize a woman, feelings, or, more directly, brush strokes. “I think about making images with components (whether they’re textures or shapes or lines) that oscillate between representation and abstraction. I’ve been really into starting to paint and enjoying that as an expressive, gestural practice but also going after like ‘the perfect brushstroke,’ or essentially the symbol of a brushstroke.” Howell also makes C prints in a darkroom, where she spends time experimenting or “trying to make photographs in a new way” while searching for the most saturated colors. Howell was born in Kansas City, MO, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. PS: Follow Howell’s internet project @SensitveSubjcts, ‘a twitter about emotion online.’ Grab a tissue.
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