Julia Dault

Julia Dault, Artist

Julia Dault tackles canvases with swift swipes of paint and rhythmic repeats. Dault’s sculptures mimic the structure of her painting (or visa versa) with tubular and reflective curves, with lines and colors belted together into a tightly contained bulbous form. Many of Dault’s pieces are named after 1980s pop songs, Electric Youth (hello, Debbie Gibson), Rico Suave (yess), 2 Legit (to quit), etc etc – suitable names for these wet and wild works. Dault lives and works in Brooklyn.

Dault_Untitled_19_2Julia Dault Untitled 23 830 AM 12 PM July 15 2012 2012 xvga 1JD-S-27 - Untitled 27 view 8- web_660px

JD-P-131 - 2 Legit- 2012 webJD-P-146 - Far Rockaway- 2013 webJD-P-134 - Kissyface- 2013 webJD-P-138 - Rico Suave- 2013 web JD-P-130 - Electric Youth- 2012 webJD-P-110 - Big Red- 2012 webJD-P-097 - Weekend Edition- 2012 webJD-P-088 - Maggie-s Farm- 2012 webDault_Wanksta_2 Dault_BungaBunga