Lindsey Hampton, Ceramicist and Graphic Designer

Lindsey Hampton splits her time between designing dynamic concert posters and creating soothing ceramics at her potters’ wheel. Her process is fluid, which makes skipping from sculpture to print design a natural progression. “Everything in my vision holds equal weight, whether it’s graphic design, ceramics, sculpture, photography, or music. There’s a great deal of spontaneity involved. It all takes shape within the action and is rarely sketched or planned.” Palettes, shapes and patterns in her work speak together across all platforms, making her voice loud and clear. Hampton lives and works in Vancouver, BC.gradeient_vase mugs_angle_pastel mugs_squarehandel plates lowdish_gradient_rim etched_vessel_waves vase_gradientall hanging_planter2 teapot_new vessels_two_gradientrim_big