Staycation: A Home Collection by Eric Trine and Will Bryant

Staycation, a collaborative home collection by Eric Trine and Will Bryant is a delightfully chill and a pleasantly patterned pairing of housewares. A chair, a lamp, a table — everyday utilitarian pieces transformed by Trine and Bryant to unwind your mind. Sit back, relax–it’s a staycation. See it now until December 1 at SuperMaker in Portland Oregon. All pieces are available for sale, contact

Staycation_Lounge_Camel-Blue1_900 Staycation_Lounge_Blue-Back_900 Staycation_LumbarPillow1_900 staycation.install_1k7_900 staycation.install_1k8 staycation.install_1k9 staycation.install_1k10_900 staycation.install_1k12