Marc Monzo, Jewelry Designer

Barcelona’s Marc Monzó has been designing clever, minimalist jewelry since the ’90s, but we only found out about his work this month, thanks to a current solo show at Amsterdam’s Galerie Rob Koudijs. On display until February 22, the exhibit features his new series of small brooches (pictured above) made from copper sheeting that’s been cut up and reassembled like masonry, using sterling silver “mortar.” We liked them so much we decided to delve back into Monzó’s portfolio to share more of his pieces with you below, some of which are available to purchase in his online shopMM_wallgroup3MM_wallsemi MM_flatbroochMM_plasticsticksMM_pointMM_starMM_hookMM_cerroMM_pencilholderMM_pencilholder2MM_hoopMM_hoopobjectMM_hoopsblueMM_mirrors4MM_mirrorMM_mirror2MM_solitaireMM_papers2