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Mathieu Gallois, Redfern, Australia. Text by Louise Bannister, photos by Carine Thevenau. Having made the move to Sydney from Canberra after studying art, Mat found a like-minded group of people looking to share their warehouse space in Redfern. It was run down and lacking light, so Mat told his perspective housemates that if they chose him, he'd renovate. It sealed the deal. Over the years since, the warehouse has seen many faces and interior changes. Mat, his housemates, and a variety of guests have created an idyllic space which aims to support the burgeoning arts scene. "We created a 'tree house' where people can come and stay short term and an affordable loft space where people can stay long term," he says. "Because Sydney can be so expensive, we want to help art students who are just starting out in their careers."