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“These are props we used for a tiki cocktail story in Spirit magazine,” says Voorhees. “We built dioramas for the drinks, with hula girls and umbrellas inside. Robin finds the props in thrift stores, or on eBay, or we’ll special order them. We needed a scorpion bowl for this shoot, so we called a bar in town that does tiki Tuesdays and borrowed theirs. Most of the time the props get donated after, because we only have so much room for them here. The chalkboard has been in so many magazines it’s ridiculous: a Texas Monthly article on charter schools, where we made a classroom set, plus an ad where we made a stop-motion animation in chalk, and a photo for a magazine talking about football and love — because the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day are so close this year. We made a football diagram shaped like a heart with ‘XOXO’ at the bottom.”