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The studio’s chillout zone. “The book in the foreground is Helmut Newton: Sumo," says Voorhes. "I was never a huge fan of his until I read his autobiography — it blew my mind. I’m more obsessed with Irving Penn and Guido Mocafico. The photos above the sofa were from a campaign we did for Anthony Nak, a jewelry designer. We wanted to do a series that was low key and dramatic with taxidermy animals, so we went to this guy’s house who had well over 200 of them. When I’m working directly with a client like that, it’s more of a collaboration. When I’m going through an ad agency, everything’s signed off so fully beforehand, so we’re 100% doing whatever it is they’ve already sold. But a lot of what we do is for magazines, where they’ll send me an article, I’ll read it, and propose half a dozen concepts to convey the idea. We’re constantly producing ideas.”