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A close-up of some of the imagery that inspired the fall/winter collection, including a photograph of an African child taken by Wijnants’s friend Viviane Sassen. “Usually I have a specific theme in mind when I create a collection, inspired by a book or a movie I’ve seen or a trip I’ve taken,” says Wijnants, who's cited Africa and Tristan and Isolde in the recent past. “But this season not so much. Sometimes it’s more just starting from shapes, or colors, or a mood. It’s not always something that you can visually show on a wall, it’s more like the feeling of a cocoon, or of warmth, or of freshness, or the feeling of something long and fluid. At the end of the day it’s about expressing your feelings or your emotions. But you never really know in advance how the collection will look — sometimes it ends up quite far from where you started.”