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What do you keep around your studio or home for inspiration? “Very, very random objects and half-models I can’t seem to throw away. In this photo, on the left, that copper wheel is an empty spool for welding wire. Below that is a stainless steel Ikea bowl I use to mix paint in. In the background is a drawing I made in school of floating teapots. There’s also an antique shaving brush, a piece of coral, a piece of blackened steel, a branch and a plaster cast of that same branch, and an Indonesian die. The fingers are tin casts of my own, and in the foreground is a sample from the Acciaio seating, which went through several iterations: I tried wood, fabric straps, mesh, solid aluminum, perforated aluminum, leather without aluminum. The leather and aluminum sandwich ended up being an effective way to control the material so it doesn’t stretch or deform.”