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Crystal collection: “I starting collecting crystals a few years back, little by little, and then it expanded into a rock collection. I get them every time I travel, instead of buying souvenirs. I recently went to Greece and brought back a big back of rocks, and at the airport they all wondered why my suitcase was so heavy. When I first started collecting crystals, it was because I was interested in their properties; it’s thought that if you go into a crystal store you’re naturally attracted to whichever type can specifically benefit you. Now I have about 70 that I keep on a shelf at home with the rest of my weird objects: rocks, pompoms, and for some reason I really like tops and dreidels. It’s their shape and symmetry. One of my ex-boyfriends was a woodworker and I always had this idea of making a really really big top, the size of a chair, for the store. It’s going to happen someday, though maybe we could start with one the size of a head.”