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Atop a stack of books near Campanaro’s desk is an antique batik stamp from Bali. “50 percent of the stuff in my house is given to me, and 50 percent is from my travels,” she says. “I try to go to a new country each year — Panama’s next.” The book on top is about Florence Broadhurst, while in the early days of Eskayel, Campanaro used Houses, Gardens, People “to figure out decorating. When I started my company I was like well, what do people really have in their homes? I played around with scanning images from this book and replacing the walls with my wallpaper. I did a lot of that with World of Interiors, too. My first website was pictures of Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge with the queen and her friends and my wallpaper in the background. I didn't have a photo shoot and wanted to do something interesting.”