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Digging through Uglycute’s archive, we found this project, a Sight Unseen favorite, in which the group was asked to develop an exhibition design for other people’s furniture: Namely, iconic Polish designs from the ’60s and ’70s. The commission came from Warsaw's Modern Art Museum, which was operating out of a temporary building while its new space was being constructed. Instead of planning the show in the official building, though, Uglycute proposed showing the works inside Emilia, a furniture store situated just behind it. “At the time it was kind of the state-owned Polish Ikea,” says Nobel. Adds Stenberg: “It made the worst-crafted furniture you can imagine. All these thin layers of veneer on everything — just crap.” But the contrast between the store’s wares and the furniture from the national museum collection — high meets low, in that signature Uglycute way — was priceless.