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Another chair, this one glass-backed and designed by the Chilean-born, New York–based designer/provocateur Sebastian Errazuriz. He’s been one of Grajales’s flagship designers for several years now. “It’s very emotional, who to take on,” she explains of her curation process. “I was recommended to Sebastian, and when he first came to show me his work, it felt a little too clever for me, a little too whimsical. But then when I saw an image of the Piano Shelf, I knew I was dead meat. I hadn’t seen a more challenging, intelligent shelving system in a long time. After just seeing a Polaroid, I said that’s it, we’re going to Basel — I only saw it for the first time once we arrived. It was incredible; people were lined up to see it, and they were crazy about it. Even the installers were taking pictures in front of that bookcase.”