This Milanese Brand — and Its Newest Collection, Just Launched in Milan — Brings the Maximalist Trend to Your Table

We noticed a funny little recurring motif at this week’s Milan fair: At many of the gatherings we attended, we were served wine and/or water from the kind of frilly, classical goblets you might expect to find at a fancy summer garden party in Tuscany rather than in the middle of a big city known for its Modernist design. But maximalism has been on the rise in our world for awhile now, and the proof can be seen not just in our design-week drinkware but in the rise of brands like Sophie Lou Jacobsen, Gohar World, Levant, and the Milanese fashion and housewares label La DoubleJ, for whom frilly goblets are an enduring staple. La DoubleJ’s founder J.J. Martin is known for her love of pattern-mixing, florals, vibrant colors, and all things old-school Italian, and the label’s latest tabletop collection, Solar, embodies all those tendencies — which works out well not just for maximalists but for those who feel that, no matter how sleek your interior may be, there’s no reason why the place where you dine alongside loved ones can’t be as joyful and colorful as possible.

La DoubleJ launched Solar during the fair this week, celebrating it with a whimsical installation by the German-Namibian artist and creative director Max Siedentopf that cleverly connects the collection’s name and central motif to the Eameses’ “Solar Do Nothing” machine from 1957, which used solar power to animate an installation of dancing, spinning shapes and flowers. Siedentopf’s version animates 50 plates, glasses, and utensils, incorporating a bike wheel as well as two disembodied hands that bounce up and down, demanding their dinner in perpetuity. The new collection includes not just celestial plates and vessels but Venetian striped glassware, raffia placemats, coordinating napkins and tablecloths, and — you guessed it — little rippled goblets that, even if you didn’t make your way to the Milan fair this year, might make just you feel like you were there.