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Drunk Tank Pink at Coming Soon, photos by @pippa_drummond

SU_ComingSoon_Pink_01_046 SU_ComingSoon_Pink_03_077 SU_ComingSoon_Pink_03_091 SU_ComingSoon_Pink_03_153

Drunk Tank Pink at Lalito, photos by @pippa_drummond

Lalito_1 Lalito_2

Kanghee Kim x Areaware at Rachel Comey, photos by @tinycactus

RachelComey_Kanghee RachelComey_Kanghee2 RachelComey_Kanghee3 RachelComey_Kanghee4

Natalie Weinberger at The Primary Essentials, photos by @pippa_drummond

TPE_NatalieWeinberger3 TPE_NatalieWeinberger TPE_NatalieWeinberger5 TPE_NatalieWeinberger6 TPE_NatalieWeinberger4 TPE_NatalieWeinberger8 TPE_NatalieWeinberger2 TPE_NatalieWeinberger7

Brendan Timmins at Creatures of Comfort, photos by @pippa_drummond

CreaturesofComfort_Timmins2 CreaturesofComfort_Timmins3 CreaturesofComfort_Timmins4 CreaturesofComfort_Timmins1

Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee at Anthom, photos by @monlinglee

Anthom_DonnellyLee3 Anthom_DonnellyLee2 Anthom_DonnellyLee1 Anthom_DonnellyLee

Dimes Peppermill at Dimes, photos by @brianwferry

Dimes_2 Dimes_3 Dimes_1

Rear View by PIN–UP and Angela Dimayuga at Mission Chinese Food


Hayden Dunham at Picture Room, photos courtesy of @haydendunham

PictureRoom_HaydenDunham PictureRoom_HaydenDunham2 PictureRoom_HaydenDunham3 PictureRoom_HaydenDunham4

Sight Unseen manicures at Paintbox, Vasa Mihich sculpture photos by @robinstein

Paintbox_Vasa1 Paintbox_Hand Paintbox_Vasa2 Paintbox_Vasa3

New rugs at Kasthall, photos courtesy of @kasthall

Kasthall_2 Kasthall_1 Kasthall_3

Piles, Stacks, Lumps, and Mounds by CHIAOZZA at Canal Street Market
CanalSt_Chiaozza_Chiaozza CanalSt_Chiaozza_ChenKai CanalSt_Chiaozza_DavidSmith CanalSt_Chiaozza_StuartFarmery