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Piece of printed cardboard [upper L], a photograph by Micah Lexier [lower L], endpaper from The Wonderland of Common Things by Rosa E. Jones, 1938 [R]: “The cardboard piece addresses the notion of conversion between different systems of measurement — ounces to liters. The orthodontist’s office in the photograph is very close to 1234 Bloor Street, and its sign depicts the four stages of fixing teeth: crooked, to crooked with braces, to straightened with braces, then straightened without. Isolated from the context of the office, it’s a very beautiful graphic. One of my favorite reasons for collecting books is what’s printed on the endpapers, and this one had a 3/4 view of the extruded buildings on one side, while the other was just the plan. You can lay the plan over the 3-D drawing and they relate exactly.”