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Also likely to be included in the show are the aforementioned acid notes, which Gruzis wrote a few years ago when he was on acid and has taken to reproducing in his signature style (above). But Gruzis has other irons in the fire — he’s working with a friend to launch a company which will produce artist editions (clothing, sculptures, prints) that will hew closely to the feel and format of what the artist already creates. “So for instance, my black and white ink pieces, people are like, have you ever thought of mezzotinting?” he explains. “I’ve been hearing that for four years. So I’m like, I should make a fucking mezzotint, you know? It’s going to have the same aesthetic, and that lush contrast between black and white, but in a medium where we can make edition prints. We’re treating the multpile as an aesthetic itself, not just an economic extension.” Called Signed and Numbered, the project should launch this summer.