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What about your Assemblage vases? “After many trips to the mineral sections of natural history museums, I became intrigued by the forms and the way many of them looked like modernist sculpture. That was the starting point, but my forms don’t actually follow any of the rules by which minerals form. I’ve come up with systems for building the pieces such as stacking, or cutting things apart and reassembling them. I like the idea that the pieces are being built up but also appear to be fractured and coming apart.” Wolfe's pieces debuted during New York Design Week at Matter, but their visual language has evolved even since then. In the above piece for Volume, Wolfe layered celadon blue atop an orange interior. "The celadon layer became thinner when it was blown into the mold, causing the orange to show through towards the top," Wolfe says. "A happy accident, but I liked the effect."