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Dave Dyment, Between the Click of the Light and the Start of the Dream, 2010: “Dave is maybe the most conceptual artist I show. His most brilliant artwork he made at a residency at the Glenfiddich distillery, where he buried a barrel full of whiskey in the warehouse floor. He then made 25 boxes with an empty space for a bottle inside, but the barrel won’t be bottled until 2108, so people who bought the edition won’t be there to drink it. So you’re buying an empty box — whiskey futures. This piece is a set of 28 DVD boxes, and inside are hundreds of hours of movie and TV clips featuring dream sequences, like that famous episode of Dallas. He does crazy research for all his work. At one point he was collaborating with another local artist on a piece similar to The Clock, and then Christian Marclay’s came out and that was the end of that.”