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Do you do any work on the side?
“Right now, I’ve been working for this amazing still-life stylist, Molly Findlay. It’s a dream job to just gather strange things, and I have learned about so many resources in the city. It’s also interesting watching someone who’s so adept at making things look good together compositionally, and nice to spend time thinking about how things will look together. In the RISD mentality of working, it’s about how will this one object look all by itself in a white room. You can make really nice work that way, but for me, I’ve always been interested in holistic interiors — making things that are interesting in relation to something else. It’s kind of like how a Lindsay Adelman will look good in a bohemian apartment or a fancy loft. That to me feels like a brilliant styling conundrum — how do you find this thing that looks good everywhere without being complacent. I try to think about that in regards to my own work.”