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Heath Ceramics Design Series 4 Each year, the Design Series has a different theme that guides the work of Tung and his team over the course of the year. Design Series 4: Alchemy debuts November 4, 2016, and celebrates our enduring appreciation and respect for the mysteries and magic of glaze. Tung Chiang and his team ñ with the help of our master glazer, Winnie Crittendon, Edith Heathís niece ñ have created over 100 one-of-a-kind works (and 100 additional experimental pieces) that focus on the possibilities of Heathís glazes. Tung designed tall vessels in a softened triangular shape; plates and platters; and grooved vases ñ to show how glaze can react differently to shape: gravity in the case of the tall vessels, stillness on the plates, and flow in the case of grooved vases. Vessels: 20", 18", 15.5" ($675, 625, 575). Slip-cast and hand-glazed.