The Best of the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair, Part III

When you’re on the ground at the Milan Furniture Fair, things can seem like a total blur — you’re walking miles a day, eating on the go, drinking too much wine, and seeing more new things than your brain can actually process at once. Which is why we love doing round-ups like these — organizing all of our favorite things into one (or two or three) places makes us realize just how great last week was, what trends are emerging (we’re looking at you fringe, rust, lilac, and fiberglass) and what an interesting place design is at right now. Here’s the third of our posts chronicling all the wonderful things we found.

Salone Satellite

MSDS_2017_GRUOP2_Web MSDS_2017_TANGENT_Web MSDS_2017_DUNES_Web MSDS_2017_FIELD1_WebMSDSOliviaLee_Altar1 OliviaLee_Dais OliviaLee_Arena_carpet2Olivia Lee
DaisukeKitagawa_collection DaisukeKitagawa_floe_02 DaisukeKitagawa_floe_04 DaisukeKitagawa_lattice_01Daisuke KitagawaChmaraRosinke_1Chmara RosinkeDavidDerksen_Aero2 DavidDerksen_AeroLights DavidDerksen_LucidWall DavidDerksen1David DerksenJonathanRadetz_Istanbul JonathanRadetz_ShelfTJonathanRadetz_TwistLightJonathan RadetzDiiis_ZoomDiiis Design
jorge-diego-etienne-versus-salone-satellite-04 jorge-diego-etienne-versus-salone-satellite-09 jorge-diego-etienne-versus-salone-satellite-10 jorge-diego-etienne-versus-salone-satellite-13Jorge Diego EtienneBonpart_coffee table_ Bonpart_loungechairBonpart StudioKasperNyman_SimoSerpola_MillLights2 Kaspar Nyman and Simo SerpolaLuomo_collective Luomo_Hanna_SarokaariLuomo CollectivePAULINEPLUSLUIS_VENISE_PHOTOS_JULIENRENAULT_01 PAULINEPLUSLUIS_VENISE_PHOTOS_JULIENRENAULT_04Pauline Plus LewisChrisBasias_Libra 2 ChrisBasias_Rune 1 ChrisBasias_SottsassChris BasiasShinyaYoshida_drape (1) ShinyaYoshida_ombra desk (2) ShinyaYoshida_ombra pendant (1)Shinya YoshidaStineAas_Blend StineAas_Hierarchy1 StineAas_Hierarchy2 StineAas_LineUpStine AasEarnest_Studio_Post_1 Earnest_Studio_Post_2 Earnest_Studio_Post_4Earnest Studio


MapoisiePinton_ElsaPoux MapoisiePinton_ElsaPoux3Elsa Poux for Mapoesie & Pinton
OffPortugal_EneidaTavares OffPortugal_Geral_A Eneida Tavares (above top) and Joana Silva, Diana Medina, and Luis Nascimento for Off Portugal’s Glass Cares exhibition
TomPigeon_FJL_Group_Web TomPigeon_MOB_1_web TomPigeon_ship_rug_5_webTom Pigeon