The Best Thing We Saw in Milan Today, Day 4

Sight Unseen is on the ground at the Milan Furniture Fair this week and we’ll be bringing you loads and loads of coverage next week! But until our rounds here are done, we’ll be featuring quick hits from some of our favorite things that caught our eye. On the Salone fairgrounds, we found a sleeper hit in the Italian metal processing company De Castelli, who began collaborating with designers back in 2010. We especially love the snaking, patinated Scribble tables by Francesca Lanzavecchia above, as well as the painterly folding screens by Alessandra Baldereschi. At the company’s showroom in town, there was an equally great, kinetic installation of geometric brass and copper sheets in different stages of oxidation, by the designer of the moment Elisa Ossino — we’ll be featuring it next week, stay tuned!

TracingIdentity_Baldereschi_Painting_01 TracingIdentity_Dewez_Elizabeth_01 TracingIdentity_Lanzavecchia_Scribble_02 TracingIdentity_Salmistraro_Polifemo_01 TracingIdentity_Baldereschi_Painting_02