The Best Thing We Saw in Milan Today, Day 2

Sight Unseen is on the ground at the Milan Furniture Fair this week and we’ll be bringing you loads and loads of coverage next week! But until our rounds here are done, we’ll be featuring quick hits from some of our favorite things that caught our eye. At Rossana Orlandi, we spied this collection of items by students in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects program. The school partnered with West Supply, a Chicago-based foundry and fabricator to develop a selection of objects in glass and bronze. We especially loved the cast-glass desk accessories by Haeyoon Choi, the wiggle bookshelves in powder-coated bronze by Ting-Yu Tseng, and the patinated bronze mirror by Irem Mimaroglu shown here.

Haeyoon_Choi_AllWorkNoPlay3 Haeyoon_Choi_AllWorkNoPlay4 Haeyoon_Choi_AllWorkNoPlay5 Haeyoon_Choi_AllWorkNoPlay6 Haeyoon_Choi_AllWorkNoPlay7 Ting-Yu_Tseng_Edgee5
Ting-Yu_Tseng_Edgee2 Ting-Yu_Tseng_Edgee7 Ting-Yu_Tseng_Edgee8 Irem_Mimaroglu_Pause1 Irem_Mimaroglu_Pause2 Irem_Mimaroglu_Pause3 Irem_Mimaroglu_Pause4