Design Files Open House 2017

Get a Sneak Peek of This Incredible Melbourne Pop-Up, Opening Next Month

In many ways, this is our dream project — to construct a temporary home inside an empty loft space, paint it in an array of amazing, on-trend hues, fill it with the work of every American designer we love, and then open it to the public for both viewing and sale. (The question in New York, of course, being where the heck would we do all that?) But it’s a reality in Melbourne, Australia, and it’s put on almost every year by the Australian publication that feels most like Sight Unseen’s sister magazine — The Design Files. Called the Design Files Open House and curated by TDF founder Lucy Feagins, the event this year will feature more than 50 Australian artists and makers, including many we’ve featured on our own site: Douglas & Bec, Sean Meilak, Nicolette Johnson, Henry Wilson, Studiokyss, Lightly, and more. It won’t open until late next month, but we got a sneak peek at the house in progress here. Stay tuned for more, and if you’re in Australia, mark your calendars for November 23.


TDF OpenHouse20553

Rug by Armadillo and Co; sofa, armchair and side tables by Adam Goodrum for the Cult NAU Collection; painting by Stephen Baker; lamp by Ross Gardam

TDF OpenHouse20571

Room divider from the Cult NAU Collection; rug by Armadillo and Co; coffee table and sofa by Adam Goodrum from the Cult NAU Collection; pink tray by Lightly, circle vase by Anna Varendorff, velvet cushion by Lightly, painting by Bobbie and Tide

TDF OpenHouse20619

Vase by Lightly; ceramic vessel by Amy Leeworthy; white planter and pink tray by Lightly; lamp by Henry Wilson; sandstone vessel by Ella Bendrups; sandstone planter by Den Holm; brass vase by Anna Varendorff; chair by Adam Goodrum from the Cult NAU Collection

TDF OpenHouse20652

Ceramic vase by Tantri Mustika; ceramic vessel by Amy Leeworthy; white planter by Lightly; ceramic vase by Tantri Mustika; pink tray by Lightly; ceramic dish and small sphere vase by Wingnut & Co; paper weight by Lightly; vessel by Tantri Mustika; mini brass staircase by Studiokyss; ceramic jug by Oh Hey Grace; tray and dish by Henry Wilson

TDF OpenHouse20661

Sculpture by Sean MeilakTDF OpenHouse21012

Ceramic face vessel by Amy Leeworthy; planter by Peta Armstrong; bud vases and pourer by Ghost Wares; pink tray by Lightly; vase with shell by Amy Leeworthy; arch vessel by Tantri Mustika

TDF OpenHouse21032

TDF OpenHouse21024

Ceramic container and sphere vase by Wingnut & Co; circle brass vase by Anna Varendorff; large sphere vase by Wingnut & Co; vase with illustration by Amy Leeworthy; tall trophy vase and small symbol vase by Nicolette Johnson

TDF OpenHouse20680 crop

Planters by Lightly; armchair by Adam Goodrum from the Cult NAU Collection; artwork by Stephen Baker; sandstone planter by Den Holm; lamp by Ross Gardam