ANDlight Orbit Series by Lukas Peet

Lighting Designer Lukas Peet on Balancing the Sculptural and the Saleable

Lukas Peet's first commercially successful lighting design — and the one that brought him to our attention way back in 2011 — looked like diamond wedding band that had been stretched into a three-foot-long oval tube. An arch of shiny gold at the top, flowing into a glowing strip of LEDs nestled inside the contoured glass, his Rudi light was inspired by his father, a jeweler. That light's success was enough to convince Peet that lighting might be the most interesting path for him to follow in design, and with his fellow Vancouver-based creatives, Caine Heintzman and Matt Davis, Peet co-founded the commercial and residential lighting manufacturer and studio ANDlight.

Sean Gerstley is Playing With Scale at New York’s Tiniest New Design Gallery

When we first started writing about ceramic furniture back in 2014 — first with Chris Wolston's terracotta chairs, then on through to Eny Lee Parker, Kelsie Rudolph, Floris Wubben, Virginia Sin, BZIPPY, and more — we had no idea we would end up here: in Superhouse's new, 100 sq.ft. vitrine/gallery on the second floor of a Chinatown mall, filled to bursting with more than a dozen such works by the young designer Sean Gerstley, whose process and aesthetic we can only describe as simply thrilling.
Ra by Martin Thubeck_Red oak_credit Jason Yates_3

Week of October 11, 2021

A weekly Saturday recap to share with you our favorite links, discoveries, exhibitions, and more from the past seven days. This week: new prints from one of our favorite Instagram accounts, a duo of vases in the best color by Sophie Lou Jacobsen, and a gut renovation from Home Studios peppered with local artists.

Inside Circulo Mexicano, a Shaker-Inspired Retreat in the Middle of Mexico City

Mexico has no ties to the Shakers, the 18th-century New England–based Christian sect who were known for their minimalist and utilitarian furniture made from honest materials like local wood. And yet somehow, the Shaker-inspired interior at the new Circulo Mexicano hotel in Mexico City seems a perfect complement to what is perhaps the most colorful city in the world.
R Hitchins_J Murphy

For a Show in the Former Home of a Sculptor, Designers Respond to His Works and Collection

When the British flamenco dancer and sculptor Ron Hitchins died, he left behind a small pink Victorian house in Hackney, London. For their first exhibition, Atelier LK — a newly formed interior design studio helmed by Lisa Jones and Ruby Kean — has taken over the home, leaving intact a curated selection of the artist's work and asking 36 contemporary artists and designers to respond to it.

Cool Metallics and Skittle Colors Reign in This Sardinian Boutique by Gonzalez Haase

When we think of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, certain colors come to mind: teal, for the brilliantly blue waters of the coast; terracotta for its lush buildings and native ceramics; and taupey brown for the nuraghi, a series of mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins shaped like beehives that dot the island. Gray, as a hue, definitively doesn't appear anywhere in that palette. And yet when speaking of what inspired their Porto Cervo interior for the fashion boutique Modes, the architects Gonzalez Haase pay homage to the non-color.
Richard Oiestad - Hydro Bord

“If Books Could Talk, What Furniture Would They Ask You to Make For Them?”

The design world sprang almost alarmingly fast back into action this week in Milan, but before that, one of the quieter — and cuter — exhibitions to appear on our radar was by the peripatetic Norwegian design collective Pyton. Together with the artist-run publishing project Heavy Books, Pyton's founders Tron Meyer, Henrik Ødegaard and Richard Øiestad created a small collection of new works to show at Galleri Golsa in Oslo. For the exhibition, Christian Tunge, the artist behind Heavy Books, gave several limited editions from his publishing house to the designers and asked: “If books could talk, what furniture would they ask you to make for them?”

Week of July 26, 2021

A weekly Saturday recap to share with you our favorite links, discoveries, exhibitions, and more from the past seven days. This week is a bit different because in addition to our usual roll call of '80s-inspired interiors and incredible craft projects, we're featuring our favorite finds from this summer's design school degree shows, including hits from RISD, Beckmans, RCA, and the Kingston School of Art.
CB Cadine Ste Marie 2020-11-10-006

This Vancouver-Based Lifestyle and Floral Shop is At Once Unruly and Refined

The floral arranging element of the new lifestyle shop Cadine presented a logistical challenge for Vancouver-based interiors studio Ste Marie, but it also provided the main source of inspiration for the space. The gentle curves found throughout are meant to evoke a frond swaying in the wind, while organic forms typically found in nature are replicated in the material choices.