Guide to Mexico City secret spots
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Housed in a former garage (known locally as a locale), this current iteration of Lulu is a “radically reduced” project space that occupies a meager 140 sq. ft. (Previously, the gallery occupied an even smaller 100 sq. ft. inside the adjoining apartment; proportionally, the spaces are exactly the same.) “Working in a small space is actually more complicated,” notes Climent. “If you put in two or three things, suddenly it’s baroque. You have to be very precise with your intentions.” They seem to be onto something, as a replica of the gallery was commissioned by the Palais de Tokyo last summer for the City Prince/sses exhibition. On view at the time of our vist was Chelsea Culprit’s Malas Madres, a new series of charcoal drawings on canvas that the artist developed over the summer in upstate New York.